Key Engagements and Achievements

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Over the last 20 years, as an association and through its members, AREPI has partnered with the Government of Ghana in the development of policies for critical disease areas and various public health programs.

In addition, the Association has, through key stakeholder engagements positioned itself as an important player in the healthcare sector in Ghana. A few of AREPI’s key achievements are:

  • Shaping the policy on restricted medicines championed by local manufacturers – Innovator medicines are currently exempt
  • Shaping policy on VAT exemptions
  • Standing membership of the National HTA committee
  • Standing membership of the National Medicines Pricing Committee of the NHIA
  • Development of the Code of Ethics for the Pharma Industry
  • Shaping local regulator code of sales policy. This will, when fully implemented, help improve ethical standard in HCP engagements for non- AREPI companies.